The Duff

The Duff Rated PG-13 101 Minutes


Starring: Mae WhitmanKen JeongAllison Janney, and a bunch of nobodies lol

My Rating: 7.5

IMDB Rating: 7.2

Would I watch i with my parents: Sure…It’s innocent. Nothing too bad


Oh my, I have to review the Duff, because I actually got to see it in theaters , and if you knew my boyfriend you would understand what a miracle it is that I actually got to see a movie opening night.

The Duff stars an actress named Mae Whitman from one of my favorite movies (Perks of Being a Wallflower)..This was my main interest in seeing the movie….Because I usually base my initial decision on who the actors are and who directed it…Then the plot lol..

While the movie is somewhat predictable (no spoilers I promise) it was cute and pretty good for a teen comedy…It is no Mean Girls, but it is definitely better than a lot of the newer movies that have come out for the younger generation. I think the main character is adorable and while I should probably be outraged at the idea of a DUFF…I kinda think it holds some truth and I have accused people of having a Duff of their own (minus the terminology) in high school too…

So, here is a run down of the plot.. Bianca is your average teenage girl…She dresses kinda grungy, has her own personality, and kinda hangs out in the background and goes unnoticed; but her two best friends are these major knock outs who every guy wants to sleep with (or totally play PS3 with them) You would think this would mean they are using Bianca as their friend for some reason, but honestly the 3 grew up together and I believe the friendship to be genuine. Anyway, so they are at a party thrown by this massive bitch girl named Madison (played by Bella Thorne)….Who hates Bianca, because she thinks Bianca is trying to hit on her on again-off again boyfriend, Wesley (played by Robbie Amell) who, in reality is her neighbor that she hates.

At the party, Wesley tells Bianca she’s a DUFF (designated ugly fat friend), but makes it clear that a duff doesn’t necessarily have to be ugly or fat, but that doesn’t lessen the blow…She gets pissed off at him….but starts to realize it might be true, so she asks Wesley for his help to unDUFF her and help her stand out to land a guy she has a crush on.

I think I will stop my plot explanation there otherwise I’ll go too far into the details and possibly spoil something.

Overall, I think the acting is good for the targeted audience, it had it’s funny moments, and it wasn’t raunchy like a lot of “teen” movies now. Mae Whitman, as I stated, is adorable. I love her acting in it. She’s a bit corky and naive, but overall a very likable character. I did have an issue with her love interest in this movie though; Toby (played by Nick Eversman) his acting isn’t very good, and his facial expressions annoy me. The movie redeems itself with having Allison Janney play Bianca’s mother and Ken Jeong play her very likable teacher. If you don’t know who Allison Janney, she has a long list of roles including Juno’s step mom in…you guessed it, Juno…and the guidance counselor in 10 Things I Hate About You. Ken Jeong is the gay-not-gay asian dude in The Hangover…

Anyway, it’s worth seeing, but I’d save it for a matinee ticket or wait for it to come to Redbox if you’re tight on cash…There are better movies out there…But, if you’re a movie fanatic and don’t mind blowing cash on movies, I’d definitely add it to the list.


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